I called up this guy’s superstitious mom as a witch doctor, and told her I had cast a spell on her son so that he would marry my niece.
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34 Responses to “Witch Doctor Makes Mom Go Insane – Ownage Pranks”

  1. This prank is especiallyyyy crazy, getting the requester in on it ended up being pretty golden. If you enjoyed the prank and longer video, please drop a big ol Like on it! I have another EPIC call going up on Sunday, so make sure you enable notifications when you subscribe 🙂 Request your own prank here – http://own.ag/request

  2. I love that nick crompton popped up when he said England

  3. It's pretty racist she's not afraid of white magic too…

  4. hey mom

  5. Bro I died when that pic of nick crompton showed up

  6. For all of you saying that it is a Jamaican accent, that is 100% a Trinidadian accent. Facepalm

  7. Why do older people always hit the freaking buttons on their phone while talking.

  8. Nick Crompton lmao

  9. just bcs of hayamisakaliyahapakaladonut.. ppl went rogue hahah

  10. I seriously want to hear that again, it's driving me crazy.. Hapitilia….

  11. This prank would've been better with virtuallyvain African drug lord voice but awesome prank tho

  12. This lady is paranoid, black magic does not exist

  13. the aboriginal thumbnail is offensive…

  14. Prakash OWNs…mudder yuckers!!

  15. 'Mom sounds like she is still sexy.

  16. Hapita skilyaaaaaaaaa hapita DONUTTT!

  17. Hapita Skilya Hapikala Donut

  18. legend has it, if you say "AAAAAAAAH SKILLIYAAAAA HAPAKALA DONUT" ownage pranks will reply

  19. ''Stop receiving it''

  20. Could ya make angry Indian restaurants part 2 please !! I fucking like the character Rakesh you mother yuckerrrrrrrrrrrr

  21. Sorry mom babu want to say something

  22. Freak out mom 2017

  23. Lmao he put the England is my city dude in there

  24. i like how he subtitles "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" lol

  25. The prank is average at best if you ask me. Definitely not "insane"

  26. ownage why are you such a Donald Trump supporter 😉

  27. I died of laughter watching this

  28. I laughed when Nick Crompton came up.


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