Have you ever wondered what happens when you ask someone else to watch your laptop in the library? We went to Western University’s Weldon Library to find out!

Camera A: Jordan Rapps
Camera B: Jana Cernavskis
Thief: Connor Lamoureux
Victim: Jesse Prout

22 Responses to “Western University Laptop Prank”

  1. not that funny video

  2. the guy was too nice looking to be a "thief" lol

  3. This is why you NEVER leave your laptop on a desk alone in a public space, may as well leave it on a table in tims

  4. This was honestly my worst fear when I would put in those hours at Weldon, yet I still did it all the time.

  5. I've done it a couple times as well, and I can say it's not that the one asking thinks that the person they've asked will be the laptop's new guardian angel… It's just the sense of security you get when you ask someone to watch over it because that way it's less likely any random person would come up and take it knowing the people around may have been asked to watch it. I can understand it's dumb if you ask someone and the stuff are not in their plane of sight though.

  6. This is CLEARLY made in Canada

  7. Damn, my fellow asians have let me down.

  8. Laptop Prank In The Hood GONE WRONG – GONE SEXUAL – PRANKS 2016

  9. Students are such easy targets they are so passive.

  10. Omg that's fcking bs ! I would never let that go – as soon as the robber starts to sit down and eyeing the laptop, I would slam my hand down on the laptop, grab it and tell him he's not going anywhere with this — people at western aren't from the hood they don't know how to protect their goods

  11. Yup. The people went from being humans, to sheep, to pussies.

  12. Funny, because, in our university, there is some random jerks stealing laptop though ! Should we think it is a long term prank ?

  13. This is an exact copy of the same prank posted by another channel a couple weeks back, plagiarism at it's finest. At least give credit to them and say that it isn't an original idea.

  14. Point being males from Western DON'T CARE! We already knew that lol. Then they graduate into professions where they don't care about others either.

  15. What are you waiting for go after him! AGHHH!!!
    These people are too cool.

  16. Seemt. You've Made Progrhss! juggle guiltless What's your opinion about that,$guys !!!

  17. This made me cringe because I admittedly trust others to watch my laptop …

  18. I dont understand half these people. I would be chasing that fucker down.

  19. "He's like my cousins uncle it's fine" haha classic

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