This lady is selling her “yummy pair” of underwear on craigslist.
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47 Responses to “Used Women’s Underwear Prank”

  1. Whatup OPCREW! This prank is hysterical, I ended up doing it on one of the last live streams! If you dig the return of Buk Lau give the video a big thumbs up!! It's too bad she didn't talk to Juan a bit more at the end hahaha. I have a special prank going up this Sunday… the official return of Alexander (African character). Turn your post notifications on!

  2. "i only have one vagina" lmao

  3. omg what the fuck

  4. Tyrone the Panty Pimper..

  5. You want me to tell u who is smart attractive and sexy

    Read the 3rd word

  6. I remember this live haha

  7. Why are people into this?

  8. It was funny until the Mexican guy came in. You need to work on your Mexican accent, it's terrible.

  9. I saw this already on the livestream!

  10. was this a real craigslist ad

  11. What if you want a clean pair of hers? Does she charge extra for all the work of not shitting herself?

  12. Didn't he live stream this prank?

  13. "shit stain" . Some people need a life

  14. Buk lau is the un-funniest character imo. Tyrone, Rakesh and Abdo all day

  15. Not your best work

  16. I love how your characters have slight name changes here and there. Buk Lau > Buk Lulu (or even Ranga-ha debooyum hei or something like that), Juan > Juanito, etc. Also, stereotypical Russell Johnson, the successful white-collar exec who typically scares the shit outta people with his intimidating professionalism w/ the DEA or the security team manager. Your characters are always evolving and becoming so real that it's like you have split personalities! Also, shoutout for having Russell as a name, fuckin badass!!!!!


  18. We want more but lau

  19. is ownage prank white,brown mixed race christian or muslim? Please expose yourself big fan here

  20. Can someone tell me who the girl in the thumbnail is? For research purposes

  21. Theres a scammer in india who assures you the best breeds of pups for minimum price. Although he asks for advanve payment and then disappears. Id like you to teach him a lesson. Please send me a private message for his details. ✌

  22. Only guys with big dicks like this

  23. Someone provide me the link to this Craigslist

  24. Blahahahahaha! Yeast infection!

  25. This is disturbing

  26. This was some gross shit to be honest…

  27. people are disgusting lol

  28. I love when tyrone comes thru. I love buk and ty

  29. thanks for the h3h3 reference. Conversation feels more immersive now.

  30. I already heard this one on YouTube?

  31. Oh damn, there's a market for selling this type of stuff.

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