I called a short-tempered university student pretending to be calling from the university office. He is extremely angry about being mistakenly stuck with a roommate instead of living alone. I think I only ended up making things worse haha, his reactions are amazing.

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25 Responses to “University Roommate Rage Prank – Ownage Pranks”

  1. I really want to know if he got that room or not!

  2. how the fuck are you calling from a fucking god damn milford

  3. how about i fucking come out there and knock your fucking dumbass out and steal your fucking car and now i have finders keepers

  4. "You snooze you lose." .. I am dead xD

  5. Tyrone should've said "early bird gets the worm." again.

  6. This is what we call an Ownage Gold Mine.

  7. wtf I prefer going to bed at 9 so that way I can be good to hit the gym at 5

  8. Odds of this kid finishing college: 0%.

  9. Lmfaoooo. He tight as fuck. Entitled cunt

  10. you snooze you lose

  11. He said the f word like 100 times

  12. I don't understand why people are criticizing this kid. He is clearly in the right. If he paid for a room a year in advance. Then there should be no questions asked that it's his. I would kinda be pissed off too. Yes, its true that he is probably over reacting but I completely understand why he would want a room to himself. Roommates can suck. Living on you're own is better and way less stressful.

  13. Take a shot every time he says the F word

  14. obstacle course lmao!!!

  15. Count how many times he uses the f word

  16. I cant get enough of Tyrone dawg put upp some mo

  17. Typical white people

  18. "You sleep too late at night". Lol

  19. This guy is a massive dbag

  20. That kid is extremely spoiled and he's an asshole.

  21. 4:44 i almost died laughing

  22. Does every American guy sound like a little bitch when they get angry??

  23. This guy sounds like the guy from the other prank when that guy groped that woman in McDonald's

  24. Does anyone else think this sounds like Leafy? lol, Leafy goes to college..

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