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Terrorist Canadians are caught trying to pass the border into the United States thanks to some quick photoshop work. Fortunately, the prank doesn’t carry all the way to the cavity search.

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31 Responses to “United States Customs Pranks”

  1. that moment you think you going to a underground prison

  2. The US custom officers look like Fidel Castro's officers

  3. That nervous smile lol.

  4. who is whatch 2017?

  5. I laughed enough at this!

  6. what if one of the guys was actually smuggling something and started crying lol
    the actors wouldn't know what to do lol

  7. looks like trump us customs

  8. Lol the fake moustache.

  9. One of my best program gags just for laugh

  10. there should have been a fake encounter,that would have been more fun

  11. best funny really

  12. omg trop hilarant , jamais autant rigoler pour un simple gag

  13. omg most funniest video i have ever seen

  14. hahaha dickbush wtf

  15. "Department of Canadian Affairs"

  16. Heheheh Truly funny. Put mustache on women too, thanks.

  17. haha. I love how it's a Canadian show making fun of U.S. harassment officers.

  18. 0:27 who were those on the wall..

  19. more ..that's funny hahah

  20. One of the best prank

  21. That's not how United States customs dress

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