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32 Responses to “Ultimate Pranks in the Hood “GONE WRONG” Compilation 2017”

  1. I'll punch you in the face for free

  2. What was in the bike?

  3. you cut my wire imma pull out my gat and blast you

  4. Teacher : Are you cheating on that test

    Me: chill it's a prank bro

    Teacher : ok

  5. where can I buy the Bluetooth?

  6. Did i misread the title? Cuz i could have sworn it said "gone wrong."

  7. How are they all falling the same way :/

  8. what is this music?

  9. I'd rather also have the cord because you can use it as an aux

  10. If u cut my beats I would cut u

  11. At 5:07 that was some bull shit I hope you paid for the damage you did to the car you fucking punk

  12. $300. Headphones? Can't believe people.

  13. They are run like sissy

  14. If you cut my wire you would be in the ground

  15. How does Joey Salads know that handshake if he is a stranger at like 4:54

  16. i wouldve damn near chase u till i pass out

  17. 0:57 that was smooth as crap

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