This pranks fail / backfired compilation involves the best pranks gone wrong of 2016!


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19 Responses to “Ultimate Prank Fails Compilation – Pranks BACKFIRED 2016”

  1. Imagine if they forgot to hit record

  2. That shows really how fucked up thia world is, a man steals a car from a "blind man" (who obviously can drive and is a joke but the stranger doesn't know that) hopefully there was someone else in the car or that was staged, cause that's just messed up

  3. That blind/car thing, it was OBVIOUS that would happen

  4. I thought it was a contimplation thingy u know, WHEN U DO MULTIPLE THINGS!!!!!!!!

  5. Guy in the first video and Blasphemoushd are lazy fucks man. Why can't people change the batteries in their fire alarms man so they should top beeping. If you know you're making a video get off your lazy ass and change the batteries

  6. I'd like to know what happened after he took the car lol

  7. لتلتاتلتلتلتلتلرلرلالالاالالالالالالالاالالالالاد

  8. Lol that guy stole his car

  9. You didn't have sex with my girlfriend? Nigga walked away IM SHLEEEP CUH

  10. sick XD keep doing videos like this

  11. Third. That was funny

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