Think you have crappy friends? Check out this ultimate bad friends compilation and compare. Subscribe to the channel and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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42 Responses to “Ultimate Bad Friends Compilation (October 2014) || FailArmy”


  2. the first dude laugh was fucking weird

  3. Assert importance consider ofyflcc monitor rich noon explore.

  4. These are the worst types of people.

  5. Who else got scared when the Toaster exploded?

  6. "I'm not gonna do it this time!"
    "You promise?"
    Walks in
    Hurls a giant exercise ball 300 mph at her face

  7. WTF that guy is gay 2:20

  8. Rose are red
    violet are blue
    Out od 1million friend
    And i hate you!

  9. 3:06 that nigga said oh sorry

  10. My favourite was at 3:11 the gangnam style one like if u agree

  11. How did the camera not break? 5:34

  12. Something are not fails anymore something are deadly and then people laughing

  13. 5:30 scared the shit out of me

  14. The guy sounds weird

  15. Friends stop you from doing stupid stuff. best friends do it with you. Stupid friends end up killing themselves or others.

  16. As still want to know what song is at 0:40.

  17. is it just me or does it seem like half of these people would be dead?

  18. 2:31 why did the guy on the left fall?

  19. 0:55 she didn't even care

  20. there's a best friend at 2:20

  21. 0:32 (Insert Thug Life music)

  22. Who is going through the comments cuz there video wont load

  23. sonic!!! why!! fuck hes a school!@@ fuckes

  24. Lol they keep putting racaraca in there

  25. Why always to the head

  26. if these people r watching then you suck so bad

  27. 5:32 he fucked the toaster

  28. and the worst friend of the year goes too….

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