Try Not To Laugh Wathing the best Kids Fails Compilation of America’s Funniest Home Videos 2017 March (AFV) . Enjoy!!!
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23 Responses to “Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Fails Compilation March 2017 #4 – Co Vines✔”

  1. The stingray got me xd

  2. Lost it to the Jack in box. Her face. Pure fear

  3. this is really fucking funny vídeo

  4. that girl that cut her hair

  5. That's it
    Bubble wrap on every piece of furniture
    Pillows on the floor
    Mattresses against the walls
    All sharp objects in a drawer with a lock
    Life is too dangerous for my children

  6. Well she cut her hair because it kept getting in her face. It makes perfect logical sense.

  7. "Open the gate, open the gate! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…!" -Guess, who's not eating chicken wings anymore… 😀

  8. @ 10:16 I don't know why some parents think it's cute/funny that their kid who is a toddler still talks like a baby… says a lot about your parenting

  9. 6:58 21th century park way better than Jurassic park

  10. Omg that's so hilarious can't stop laghing plz do MORE!!!!!!

  11. The 3 little girls (05:5706:14) on being asked what do they want – a little sister or brother ?. What does the little girl say that's so funny – I can't make it out ??

  12. Can someone tell me what's so fucking funny about giving babies sour or over spice foods to make the parents laugh? Oh yes as equal as fun for parents to shame and make the children apologize for cutting they're own hair! First of all parents, what the fuck are leaving those sharp tools around to they're hair? The cruelty of parents for a laugh at the expense of they're children mental health. There is a place in hell for these sick sadistic parents.

  13. Smashing that pie in the birthday boys face was cruel. What kind of parent does that? And who laughs at a child getting hit with the T-ball. He needed comfort, not joking. These parents were horrible, laughing when their child is in such obvious distress. And the lemon – that is just child abuse.

  14. 05:29 you gonna be laugh so hard

  15. 3:22 mother laugh iz soo cute

  16. I think putting shoes on dogs is very cruel.

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