We start off the new month with a brand new funny vines videos weekly fails compilation. Featuring stupid stunts, parkour fails, girls getting owned, home video bloopers, kids fails, gymnastic fails, motorcycle tricks gone wrong and more funny viral clips and moments caught on tape.

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34 Responses to “TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN – Best Fail Compilation 2017 | Funny Vines Videos”

  1. That annoying girl at 10:52. Hope her "babe" ditched her after the way she talked.

  2. These arent vines and they arent funny, vine is dead realize that


  4. I spent all of my time saying ouch, oh no or scratching my head … nothing funny here

  5. imagine being these people. it would be so awkward for the whole world to see you acting stupid infront of a camera

  6. does anyone still do the cup challenge seriously?

  7. Try not to change the channel out of boredom, these are all repeats and vine is dead

  8. 99 % of this was NOT funny

  9. lol 6:54 "get out of my house."

  10. The deoderant guy is my favorite

  11. These are fails not vines

  12. Mhs = mehlville highschool

  13. Stopped after 7 minutes. Wasted time. This vid is a piece of shit!

  14. That guy at 1:40, funniest part of the whole vid, lmaooooo

  15. lol that guy with the deoderent

  16. I feel bad for with the person with the deodorant

  17. HAHAHAHHA its so funny when ppl get hurt(sarcastic)

  18. I just gotta say it. These aren't that funny.

  19. " Thank god it was not his leg, or hand and especially not HIS DICK ".

  20. Get 1 video from malaysia ? Where u get it?

  21. omg the second part was at santa cruz beach bord walk i went there yesterday lol

  22. Late squad,WHERE YOU AT???!?

  23. This was boring af

  24. 0:19

    Ratchet bitch : k i love you all

    JESUS : Bitch u have a lot of sins

    Ratchet bitch fucked up

  25. The second video was my friend and she is having neck problems now so it's not a fail or funny

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