Enjoy the Top Funniest Viral Banned Commercials Compilation
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Funniest Videos 2016 βž™ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEe3Af-ys-A

19 Responses to “Top Funniest Viral Banned Commercials Compilation”

  1. This is bad with candy that his dad isn't happy

  2. Big chikens shall rise from the vanquished eternity they have been in and then they shall be the existence of everything

  3. who is watching the video but looking at the commens

  4. That bear commercial I thought was funny

  5. The sweets kid has the best thing evah

  6. the kid one was priceless

  7. The bear fighting video. LMFAO

  8. He thought the guy stretching against his car was trying to push it off the cliff. xD

  9. The third one got me funny as hell

  10. Watching this series of commies will lower your intelligence by 2 1/2 %, according to the Canadian Intelligence-lowering Institution.

  11. 5:33 that's legit my mom but I'm helping her more.

  12. LolΒ she slapped dat booty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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