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32 Responses to “Top 5 pranks gone wrong 6”

  1. Ah era italiano anchio sono italiano

  2. Italiani quaquaraquà

  3. nickel prank. fake

  4. 3:15 that dude possibility is a Psycho or high blood person who can easily mad by something harmless

  5. Fucking pussy… fight him 1v1 ye cunt fuck

  6. haha va fanculo stai zito

  7. 1:44 plost twist, he did walk *cough run like a bitch away

  8. her spongsboob ? HOMINA HOMINA HOMINA

  9. Man just kill anyone who attacks u k don't stop hitting them until they start bleeding them

  10. that ,,walk i will kill you guy,, couldnt go 1v1 he called his boys so cowardly

  11. "I'LL KILL YOU"

    But does nothing…

  12. 2:53 Me when I lose on a game against one a friend

  13. "Bonus clip" wtf??? 0.o

  14. cringe fest…uh

  15. Who else came because of the thumbnail?

  16. That guy is some 21st century Escobar.

  17. when i bump into someone in gta and they start swinging at me

  18. The [nickel] one—— Don't tell me u don't notice the two whites on the court automatically walk backwards……

  19. 0:31 u know Ur adopded right wot Boom

  20. Some people need confirmation of biases so badly they will pretend everyone in the video sat down to have a reasonable discussion over hot tea, except the ones that actually had the best reason to get violent… the black people

  21. The black people had the most reasonable response to get violent, and yet get called out for ape like behavior.

    Wtf?! Smh

  22. Everyone talking about the black people as if they're savage apes.

    Come on! They had the most reasonable response in the entire video!

    One guy said he'd hire fucking hitman over a sneeze! But noooo. It was a genius move… as long as he's white that is!

  23. More like instant karma compilation.

  24. wtf was da end?????

  25. 1:21 Morooco people hahahaha

  26. OMG I CANT BELIEVE THAT ITS JAck jones not Nikki manaj

  27. Bruh its a pank pank thats the camina

  28. 1:35 he just weaved that punch lol

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