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31 Responses to “TOP 100 WORST PRANK FAILS – Instant Karma Pranks Gone Wrong”

  1. america Idioten

  2. someone please help what is the song at 1:49

  3. Its a Prank Broooo!!

  4. It doesn't help just saying "It's a joke" or "it's a prank", how about something like explaining that something isn't real and what your really using to do the prank or that something isn't really this or that. Otherwise, someone is still going to believe that you were really doing what it seemed like you were doing, regardless of you saying that it's a joke or a prank. You just saying that, doesn't mean that you weren't actually doing what they saw you doing or thought you were, to them. That's why you've got to elaborate, when a "prank" or "social experiment" goes wrong.

    Also, I don't understand how a majority of black people have the nerve to get offended by believing themselves to be called the "N" word, when they encourage that stereotype on themselves and call themselves that, on top of that. And then some. That makes no sense to me. You can call yourself that and others that, but it's suddenly a problem when someone calls you that. "Friend" or not, either you want to be called that, or you don't. Make up your mind. On top of that, why do (again) a majority of black people, have to act as though their anything but human. You can't speak to them "normally", nor can they speak to you "normally'. They always try to act so "hard". You can hardly even look at them or try and speak to them because there always has to be some issue, as a result. And they hardly know how to take a joke or have a laugh about something positive. Can't ever even try and smile towards something meant for laughs. Very few can. Including myself. And I can be very nonchalant. I at least TRY to laugh a little, from time to time. About POSITIVE things. Black or not, that crap makes me and many other uncomfortable, then they wonder why people assume what they do. They give people a reason to assume what they do, about us. It's f*cking ridiculous. Be human for once and laugh a little, why don't you? Enjoy life and human interaction. Have fun and let others, for once. Not one-sided fun. Fun that both you and others can enjoy. Seriously, the whole acting "hard" getup, is very well played out and over done, by now. Again, I'm referring to a majority of us. Not all. None that I've ever met, but I'm sure some are out there, somewhere who are awesome.

  5. warning there's Vine cringe is this video

  6. half of this is just mean


  8. few prank. I see violence. Few instant karma

  9. 2:41 that's not fail, that's fake….

  10. toilet prank is so fucking wrong!!! hes so poorrrrr

  11. Come to Australia. Dare ya!

  12. it's a fucking joke…… If you say that to me, You must be die bro…

  13. Recently made a its just a prank song if anyone wants to check it out

  14. some of the fakest shit ever

  15. Almost all mightyduck's prank are fcking staged

  16. Some of those pranks and pranksters are so retarded!

  17. lol…u guys r pssing on people ,on their car…make video of their gf in bikini infronet of them…and when they get mad and start attacking at you…you yell its a prank ,its a joke..then later u call them mean or douche for attacking u after sating its a prank….seriously after doing those thing wut u expect frm ur victim???..a hug????u guys r lucky that u didnt get stabbed,shot or being arrested…

  18. the best prank compilation video

  19. American teens are SO stupid!

  20. and as said alot of these aren't pranks they're fake

  21. another person making money from posting other people's videos

  22. ou no gli animalii!!

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