The Top 100 Pranks Vine Edition from the Best Viners of May 2016.
Featuring Mightyduck, Joey Salads, Lance210, Nick Santonastasso, Elton Castee & Sam and Colby!

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46 Responses to “Top 100 Pranks Funny Vines Compilation – Best Vines 2016”

  1. Pranks can be taken seriously. Careful ppl

  2. Hi guys please subscribe to my channel!! :)))))))

  3. Nice video guys!! :)))))))

  4. first one was really funny i am not kidding

  5. most of it is juts rude
    not funny

  6. nut shot haha!?!™>™?!?!!??!?!?!???!??

  7. this is not funny.


  9. IM THE 22,400 LIKER OF THIS VIDEO!! 😀

  10. 3:40
    "Tell me what you hear"
    bark bark "Dogs"
    meow "Cat"
    airhorn "MOTHAFUCKA-"

  11. 8:47 I don't wanna be like those guys..

  12. you might not wanna do that 5:06

  13. I like it but it needs less bad words

  14. ??what name of song at final

  15. 0:50 Turn your god damn speakers down.

  16. 1:35 how is that funny and it even isnt a prank

  17. Chưa 1 lần lên TOP. Các ae Sky ơi. Say Oh Yeah!

  18. The first video is 100% mean, disrespectful and immature! I would love to see those two losers Sam and Colby get their asses whipped big time, because they deserve it.

  19. go to one of lance's videos and comment "angel baa'nya jones says you are a great prankster and he wishes he could live at your house. he lives at arlington saint dr 504

  20. That egg one wasn't a prank.
    OVer half of these are just plebs being assholes to random strangers

  21. Omg, Lance's grandma though XD

  22. All the pranks are awesome

  23. The fuck is a grandmom

  24. Ohhh men dis is no für big wescher

  25. "No I don't want no frikin dru-
    can I have some"
    Santa Claus 2017

  26. 0:55 that's fake… right?

    please tell me there was no actual baby

  27. Does anyone knows who was the guy in 8:20 ???

  28. really funny, but where i live you would get stabbed 40 times haha

  29. WTF baby prank? it is not a prank,Mother freaking prankers

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