Top 10 Pranks of 2016 with the Funniest Videos Gone Wrong and Funny Fails Compilation
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1. Best Epic Prank
2. Digging Deep Gold Digger Prank
3. Prank Gone Bad
4. Paranormal Activity Prank
5. Peeking Into Bathroom Stalls Prank! (GIRL’S VERSION)
6. Prisoner Dropping The Soap Prank
8. Money Hungry Gold Digger Prank
9. Prank Gone Wrong
10. Funny Prank

49 Responses to “Top 10 Pranks of 2016 || YesFunnyYes – Funniest Videos Gone Wrong and Funny Fails Compilation”

  1. now watch he pulls down someones pants and they don't have any underwear on

  2. Man my Dad got Surgery on his back and that chair pulling thing is not funny people that get off work just wanna sit and relax not go back to the hospital

  3. she already had gold on all she needed was the shovel lol

  4. 23:53 the hottest man I ever see.

  5. I would order the most expensive things and then left her

  6. 1:30 The Asian is laughing

  7. Actually happy these foos got an ass whoopin

  8. first one is how to get your ass kicked

  9. This pricks shud get beat up good ' thy have bad pranks not funny at all

  10. gold digging bitch only talked to him cuz of his nice car

  11. 19:42 To Be Continue…

  12. 1:46 Literally A Slut Bitch…

  13. what a typical BITCH !

  14. 1st one is so dumb if your gonna pull someone pants and risk going to jail you might as well target a hot girl.

  15. cops came out to get the black guy but didn't bother the white guy SMH.

  16. i wonder what happened to the guy in the jail suit. 13:35

  17. i hope they got beaten when they throw water to those pips

  18. thats not funny

  19. Girl you know your not sorry about being rude!

  20. that girl is like "OMG his car so nice, im gonna call his name" (but idk his name)

  21. 6:15 grandma's a savage just staring… OMFG!

  22. I classic gold digger shovel… that's not that classic but hey… I love it!

  23. that manquin head one was hilarious

  24. Lhh who thinks that pulling down their shades is cute anymore

  25. just fuck and kick her out

  26. You tubers need to learn how to fight damn

  27. I will wear underwear from now when I go out!

  28. 1:28 Asian dude seems like a really nice guy haha. Takes the joke no problem.

  29. that was funny The girl is so Funny Lol

  30. What is that in 12:08 being dropped?

  31. 22:20 what are these fucking black kids doing??!

  32. Yooo wtf 3th guy is Conor Murphy!!! Holy fuck!

  33. I don't get the soap joke

  34. 3:42 GOLD DIGGER fukk hate them

  35. 4:12 Come now. Let her in to the Vette. Get her to a room and do some Ass fuckin. Then leave her. That is how it is done Gentlemen.

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