I went to Oregon to visit family and stopped at a local WalMart to fart on people with my Pooter. Get one here and fart on your own people… POOTERS: http://thepooter.com

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32 Responses to “The Pooter – Farting on People in Oregon at WalMart – Funny People of WalMart”

  1. 1:13 That lady does not need to be in the cookie isle.

  2. I swear I saw some aliens in this video.

  3. The only reason why I subscribed to this channel was because of the pooter !!

  4. We need more pooter videos more often

  5. I'm in Oregon!

  6. ROFLMAO! I'm gonna start saying "bless you" when people fart.

  7. Happy Fart of July!

  8. " bless you " LOL!!

  9. 3:00 she's on an unhealthy diet

  10. way more rel the the Sharter…but the Sharters sounds really nasty..nice as well

  11. Seriously how old is this guy.

  12. I don't think I've ever seen a place that had all weird looking people in my life. Man some of these faces, geez

  13. Overalls has angry issues.

  14. I don't think I would've done that.

  15. I live in Oregon! What Walmart were you at?! By the way, I love your videos!

  16. omfg !! i gotta get one

  17. Is that girl at 1:30 able to function without looking at her phone? typical smartphone zombie…

  18. tell me what walmart is this an i would like an subscribe

  19. what walmart is this

  20. that guy at the end needs to get laid

  21. omg i got tears running down my face as I type this, so god damn funny thank you!

  22. u fool subscribers make this guy rich.

  23. Jack that lady got beat with the ugly stick bad !!!!!!

  24. About time your back

  25. I feel like Oregon has the most overweight people I have seen in a Walmart.

  26. Where in Oregon?

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