Strangers are brought in an interrogation room to fill out a “super important questionnaire”. When the said questionnaire is completely filled, they are unable to leave the room!
Why, you may ask?
Our team hid the door, and it is nowhere to be found πŸ˜‰

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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40 Responses to “The Missing DOOR Prank!”

  1. Stupid women thinking that makeup will make them look "pretty"

  2. the 2nd one is eifel

  3. I wonder if real insane people are thinking they're being pranked! The mind can be a terrible thing.

  4. Is he said at 1:04 are you ok?

  5. o god that was creepy-funny lol the man is very brilliant

    like if you agree

  6. Finally! A funny prank from this channel. (The door prank.)

  7. I love you guys, keep up the great work.

  8. I love this chenal. Awesome Videos…

  9. But the makeup/face paint one is just humiliating

  10. You guys are the best!

  11. Just For Laughs Gags you're the best.

  12. For me, this channel is the first one I see when I turn on my computer. You guys help me go trough the day……GOOD JOB AND CONGRATULATIONS

  13. 3 things i hate

    1. people who say first

    2.people who ask for likes

    3.people who ask for subs

  14. missing door – love these types of pranks xd Makeup prank is a classic:)

  15. 2:07 i think u will get punch lmao

  16. jajgjjjaa la del maquillaje estuvo muy bueno

  17. Lol, all the door prank victims thinking they got Alzheimer's. hahaha

  18. that Β DOOR Prank is brilliant! keep up the original work πŸ˜€

  19. really really awesome.. tq all.

  20. I want to see interviews of Dennis and Marie-Pierre where they tell us stuff from the behind the scenes, their favorite gags, etc

  21. best Pranks ever seen

  22. Can u upload pranks with real reacton sounds,please?(like this comment if u want to hear how they react)

  23. can i have 7 like today is my birthday

  24. hope she's not married to that guy

  25. wow for a french woman marie is erotic

  26. I'm 12 & I just watched this video after watching this new video from Baby Center on YouTube.

  27. you are awesome.too funny

  28. lol lol lol loyola lol lol lololololo

  29. it would be way funnier if you guys let us hear their reactions and what they say

  30. Very very good job I like it

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