In this prank, strangers give their everything to wish a happy birthday to a Gags accomplice. The plan is to light up all the candles on a decadent cake before the BIRTHDAY BOY shows up. Things go south when all the candles mysteriously disappear from the cake???

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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38 Responses to “The BIRTHDAY Cake Prank”

  1. Nice vedio from Pakistan

  2. It seems like you have a bunch of genius in your creative team for generating those fresh and original prank ideas!

  3. Jajaja buena broma avajo los gringos

  4. 3:03 and Shaniqwa is like "oh no you didn't"

  5. hello, it's me Click Ear!

  6. Qué grosero, cómo tiró la caja

  7. Shut the fuck up you stupid idiot

  8. Вы ненавидите церковь и попов ?? зачем вы выставляете их идиотами в конце клипа , хотите страйк получить и судебные тяжбы от регилиозных организаций ??

  9. Я что один здесь русский???

  10. Bless you for bringing smile on my face every time I watch .

  11. 0:27 When my life isn't going as planned

  12. aku sering menontonnya sangat lucu dan menghibur

    I often watch it very funny and entertaining

  13. Starting a day after watching your pranks guys make it easy.

  14. why are you always making fun of catholic religion?why don't you try others?!?

  15. best prank channel and team ever

  16. Happy independence day to all Pakistanis over here love you God bless :)…

  17. This was uploaded on my birthday lol

  18. 0:35 “……….hmm…WUT!!!!!!"
    0:57 " im gonna hurt you badly!"

    2:55 " no… no… no… no… my baby"

  19. When they have all the vague names it makes you want to find out what it is and you end up staying till the end.

  20. The Best prank channel. How about you?

  21. In the last one, if the car owners had moved front, they would've realised its fake haha

  22. End of this video..I love the nun very much..

  23. I'm clicking nothing happing.

  24. You are also making smile in India

  25. mostly i hate pranks because the of the way others doing but always enjoyed Just For Laughs Gags for a good humor.

  26. I hate this channel but luckily it's lost in the comments

  27. Candle thief on the loose!

  28. hahaha!!!!!! they make people happy good

  29. Give me a like it was funny plz thankb

  30. as always very hilarious…thanks………Very Pretty Nun!

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