27 Responses to “STD Prank Goes Wrong!”

  1. Fake ass shit. Yall mothafuckas stupid if think this shit real lol

  2. he got played lmaooo

  3. Damn ur girl is fine as helllllllllllllllllllll

  4. Plot twist: they had make-up sex and really did get a std

  5. She's beautiful !

  6. And that's the reason you don't prank someone

  7. Wow, before I knew she was packing him back, and said she had gonhorea I felt my heart stop beating for a while! (Yes, I had once ghonorea and it sucks! You have pus coming out of your dick, it hurts like hell and when you pee it burns like your peeing lava) lol! But to get rid of it is simple and quick, only one pill and an I.M. injection on your butt and in about 6 hours you're normal again. But before I knew what I had and how easy is the treatment my life was a living hell in terms of the symptoms and the anxiety… Really fucked up feeling…

  8. You're is so fucking funny man haha

  9. Doesnt this guy have a gf

  10. Who's ur gf now

  11. OOOOOH She sad SHE had gonorrheaaaaa! Oh how the tables have turned. xD

  12. Jerking off to your bæ right now

  13. Haha Hell Yeah you go chica prompts girl prompts.

  14. IS THAT LIANE V?~!!!!!!

  15. Lol she got me I was oh my gosh

  16. what if she really does have an std and she just played it off like she was pranking him back

  17. I watched this on mute.

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