I had to get some serious revenge on Jesse for all the bug pranks he has done to me. One of Jesse’s biggest fears are snakes. So with a lot of help from my f…

10 Responses to “SNAKE REVENGE PRANK”

  1. kupaakaleo137 says:

    Its just a Ball Python!

  2. LinaSmiles592 says:

    the snake wasn’t real

  3. Leo Uzuma says:

    I think it’s real

  4. Angelyka Trono says:

    Sorry I meant was someone in the other bed?

  5. Andrew Chung says:

    That’s the revel hotel

  6. Giorby Miranda says:

    for someone with huge biceps, that was disappointing, dude. but hell yeah that was awesome LOL!

  7. Angelyka Trono says:

    Was tree

  8. do this for a living

  9. Corrie Miner says:

    I have one bigger and I’m 9 years old

  10. plzzzzzzzzzz somebody tell me .. that snake was real !!

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