I ended up getting connected with an English teacher on the gay hotline, evidently he has a pretty broad knowledge of Shakespeare’s work, and you’ll see why ;D
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41 Responses to “Shakespeare on the Gay Hotline – Ownage Pranks”

  1. WHATUP NOTIFICATION SQUAD! By popular demand, wanted to bring you guys some more hilarity from the gay hotline. Do you guys want to see a new compilation go up? Sorry for the slightly weird censoring, tried to soften it up a bit for youtube lol. Hit the Like button if you dig the clip!

  2. Ahhh how did I miss this???

  3. Fuck is this shit

  4. This is the worst video i've ever seen. i will unsubscribe from this fucking channel.

  5. Shoom, Shoom. Star wars chapter8

  6. Oh yeah imma smash the fuck outta that like button

  7. Lol the subtitles when he mumbles

  8. this shit is really disgusting veey nasty

  9. You like that gay hotline a bit too much imo

  10. More gay pranks they're the funniest also omegal

  11. nearly pissed myself


  13. Looks like the ownage community is full of homophobic dipshits. Do the collective intelligence of the human race a favor and fucking kill yourselves.

  14. Bruh I'm twelve and I'm bigger than the first guy lmaoooooo.

  15. this was funny as fuck dayuum tho

  16. Thumbs down for censorship 🙁

  17. School teacher :$

  18. Youtube friendly? Come on man. Don't make these videos if you ruin them by bleeping everything.

  19. shiit i cant listen too this, makes me sick.

  20. this shit is gay dog. i think you gay homie.

  21. I couldn't watch it… too much

  22. I almost feel bad for this guy. Almost…..

  23. someone needs to kill this prev

  24. Fags are freaks

    Un natural creatures

  25. Well that was pretty gay


  27. Well…….That was………………….DISTURBING.

  28. So now every one in that small town know who that man is

  29. Imagine one of his students watching this & recognizing his voice

  30. Dignified?? Yeah right

  31. Get on a lesbian hotline as Tyrone and say, you'd "mow".

  32. disgusting shit man delete this shit not funny

  33. lol that YEEEEAAAAAHH

  34. I don't think a masculine black person would behave this way, therefore, I find this unfunny. Why don't you do your b b buck routine at The Apollo, low fucker of dogs.

  35. You always hear about teachers being involved in some shady shit. I mean, they're just regular people after all who get paid a shitty salary to do important work, so I guess it makes sense.

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