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Visitors to the museum are startled when the art comes to life — and lunges right at them! Many jump in fear, a few scream out loud, and one woman even runs away.

A presentation of Hidden Camera Classics, the official Just For Laughs YouTube channel from the 70s and 80s! These pranks are from the series known as “Just Kidding” and “Only Joking.” Some of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious… and some terrible, hidden camera pranks from the past!

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44 Responses to “Scary Statue Comes to Life”


  2. all you people talking about black face can go fuck yourself and let others enjoy the video

  3. This video is going to trigger so many sjw's


  5. no way they thought this guy was a statue hahahaha i'm laughing more at how bad it is, maybe they were all high or something hahaha

  6. ç est pourri les blagueurs attendent mm pas le temps de voir que la personne arrive bien devant la statue et attendre un peu avant de lui faire peur ! ! y a des blagueurs qui méritent de se la fermer et se faire discret

  7. I love pranks with fake reactions and laughs.

  8. Man that's so racist

  9. Is that a white dude in black face? It looks like it to me i don't really care tho just wondering.

  10. This guy is a bit menacing in his body language. The snowman in other videos is far more smooth and funny/scary without doing borderline assault-y things like putting his hand near some ladies' breast like this guy does at 0:22.

  11. Funny…yes…"Scary" statue? no. unless this poster is being very racist.

  12. The lady was dusting the man???

  13. i hate prank videos that have fake reactions and music in them…

  14. Lol. A black buy in a suit jumping at a bunch of white people.

  15. Fuck you nigga naw nigga naw!!!

  16. Not funny but corny and lame

  17. Black face? This prank is awful. JK, XD

  18. It's scary cos he's black?!?!

  19. ….the elderly gent was the only one who kept his cool!

  20. Feliz Año Nuevo 2014. Son muy simpáticos…Yo también me voy a quitar la corbata…

  21. racist! you cant paint your skin black!

  22. Lacey if YOURE not color blind and judge and see people for their skin then YOU are the problem, no one else.

    Where do you think you get off as a prejudice racist to tell GOOD people who ARE color blind (as people SHOULD be), to stop being so? Because you're such a great human being right?

    Stfu bitch, just because many people are prejudice does certainly NOT make it right.

  23. Stupid shithead scared the little kids! Dont scare the kids you dipstick!!!

  24. youre fucken stupid! there are pale skinned and dark skinned statues!!!!!!! there are gray,blue,green,silver,etc statues! only your racist dumbass sees color!

  25. ima call racist…good night

  26. Lmao awesome but too short though

  27. So sick of this car Ad!

  28. Whatever you do, don't blink!

  29. That wasn't a guy?

  30. They get scared because they saw a black guy.

  31. They were just scared cuz he was black!

  32. The maid !!!!! Ha ha

  33. waha-haHA-HA-hahaha-haha-HAHAHA-hahahaha

  34. 0:21 he grabs her boob

  35. It's not a black guy, it's a minstrel (white man in a black face) very offensive.. This sort of thing was used to denigrate blacks in the 19th century. Why in the world these people would do this is beyond me..

  36. This must be Australia, they are the only ones dumb enough to go around in black faces!

  37. Hey, I wasn't trolling at all. On the contrary, I am a white guy who got pissed off by the racial comments often made in sites like this by fellow white folks against blacks. Its a free world and people should learn to co-exist. Come to think of it, blacks are the warmest people to be with. Just go closer and you'd be amazed at how these people are.

  38. Ok, now i know you're just trolling. I got to admit that you got me. I really did rage at your comment and you succeeded. Congratulation.

  39. @magigutt: You may be right, mine is reverse discrimination. U've suddenly made the guilty becomes the acquitted, while the innocent becomes the guilty. It's always been like this in the world of black & white. U ain't the first and u won't be the last. The white claims supremacy over the black race. U needn't mention the word 'racism' before u exhibit it, neither do I need to hear the word before I know that I'm being treated racially. Wake up, u ought to reason more intelligently than this.

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