I called up this guy who stubbornly refuses to pay his outstanding Internet and TV bills from AT&T. He’s been waiting for a call from a debt-collecting agency for weeks, and he’s been relishing the idea of screaming at them and telling them off.

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15 Responses to “Racist Guy Explodes on Debt Collectors – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    This call is hilarious, guy is one of a kind, and racist af. Drop a Like on the video if you dig the insanity, you can check out the prank reveal here:

    ALSO, Just released the official Ownage Pranks AUTOMATIC PRANK CALLING APP: Download it now and get 5 free calls 🙂 Sorry to those of you who had some initial issues trying it out, the servers were getting HAMMERED. Should be working a better now, but plz bear with me while I iron out any kinks <3

  2. shash wolf says:

    he doesn’t sound arab you jackass

  3. Lord Hugh-mongus says:

    Is it normal for Americans to speak like that if front of their children?? I am just BLOWN away by his insanity!

  4. juan lopez says:

    ladies and gentlemen! meet the people that want to make America great again!

  5. TheWildBranco says:

    did he just get hacked? his titles were fine a few hours ago. wtf, theres no point in hacking

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