This video involves Public Fight Prank In The Hood Gone Wrong

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21 Responses to “Public Fight Prank In The Hood – GONE WRONG – (GUN PULLED!!)”

  1. Way all raning out this suit?

  2. Can anyone explain to me guys ..why them run way from him ..because I can't understand. .ha ha ha

  3. No one wants to fight some one naked

  4. You fucking lucky person xd

  5. 6 "Gangstas" getting scared of 2 little white niggas walking down the street lul. What fkn Hood is that

  6. Y the guy with the gun range away

  7. And this Is how u get away with fights

  8. Why are they afraid if he wear that?

  9. If i get a gun pulled at me im pulling my pants down

  10. yea everything is fake like yo mom puss

  11. Niggers scared borad

  12. These "pranks" in the "hood" <—- the way they classify places where they only go up to black people are racist. If he had pulled the trigger it was self defense. I am in full support of that.

  13. the dude pulled out the gun is a fake

  14. Why do people run away when they do this ? I Don't get it.

  15. typical gangster , point a gun at a guys back while your home boys are standing in front of him . derp what does over penetrate mean ??

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