I called up this Middle Eastern guy who owns a home decoration store as a disgruntled customer. He absolutely loses his mind when I convince him that I had broken into his store after hours.
Father’s Day Prank – https://youtu.be/fP6RFD3Xevg
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28 Responses to “Psycho Store Break In Prank – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Whatup notification squad – Thanks for checking out the new vid! This prank was a lot of fun to pull off, did it over the course of a couple weeks. Share the video on social media if you dig it! and and lemme know what your fav part of the video is 😀 You can check out the Father's Day prank here – https://youtu.be/fP6RFD3Xevg Last week's Microsoft scammer video is also one you don't want to miss – https://youtu.be/R_lPv2laCx8

  2. Whatta FUCK?!!

  3. He's trying to trick u into getting arrested

  4. This is the gayest video I've ever seen

  5. This dude is super low key gay! SUPER GAY!

  6. Damn, he sounds like Abdo lol

  7. This is a weird mix of scary, sexy, and hilarious … Saeed was totally planning on hooking up with Chris

  8. This guy is low key gay lmao

  9. "You horny?"
    Well…That happened.

  10. Saeed spends time on those gay phone hotlines.

  11. Do you know who I am??? Lol, this dude has delusions of grandeur.

  12. thousands and thousands!

  13. I'm Thirsty ! LOL !!!

  14. This guy got a little guy in him

  15. His laugh creeped the Fuck out

  16. Saeed gay as fuck

  17. U and azerrz should colab

  18. Protest against gay rights.

  19. The contrast between Ownage's " genius" and the stupidity of these people almost hurts…

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