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A troll ATM machine dispenses money in pennies!

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45 Responses to “Pennies ATM Prank”

  1. oh my God so funny

  2. I thought a penis in ATM

  3. Sad they had to clean the pennies up too.

  4. Put a sign at the register when they try to pay with pennies "Rolled Coins only"

  5. confused that atm was in eruros how tf can people considere pennies

  6. hahahanaha…….hahaha
    Plumber's smile!!

  7. I have a dirty mind

  8. This is JFL in the UK?

  9. I thought something else

  10. I love you big knockers girl.

  11. I was expecting penis not ass crack :-/

  12. i misread it and i thought it was a penis prank…

  13. I never expected to see crack in a JFL's vid. Drugs are bad mmmkay?

  14. And that is how you steal a PIN number…

  15. Please JFLG, Hot Girl buttcracks only please.

  16. butt crack @ 1.20 be warned

  17. oh ok well check this out then

  18. Your fly looks so realistic, that scared the shit out of me.

  19. ew what the fuck nasty 1:20

  20. yea especially at 1:20

  21. Ugh the people who comment on these vids are so fucking negative! -.-

  22. The monitor should have written "Please get ready your basket"

  23. Wow, I'm used to them now, but that fly pic is really well done.

  24. it's not euros, it's pounds. so pennies is correct.

  25. I realy don't get how dumb can some be to the point they are blindly willing to clean the mess themselves.

  26. This one was not filmed in Canada. It was filmed in the UK. Notice that the bank machine has amounts in pounds (£). Canada uses dollars ($).

  27. 2 big penis think alike.

  28. i thought its penis

  29. ummmmmm can i get my 20 back? ive changes d my mind

  30. It's a good thing they film this in Canada then, or we'd get no pranks.

  31. Hardcore jewish porn…

  32. It's stupid to not want all of your money stolen? Go ahead and give some random stranger your credit card and PIN, then see how things play out.

  33. You couldn't pay me to use a credit card or a bank. If one would research who owns the banks,, one would see very quickly how evil, manipulative, and murderous these lying pricks are.

    Btw, did you all know that the Rothschild make 21 million dollars a day just off of ATM transactions alone? That's like peanuts in a bucket to these demons. Heck, not only have they been taking our money for decades but, the FED prints money for themselves at will. It's as if they know we are going to be killed..

  34. This seems more like work than a prank.. I would have been pissed if they would of handed me the broom.. :)~

  35. That girl is foine

  36. there are 1 cent euro coins you know

  37. It said euros not dollars, how can there be pennies

  38. yeah but dont worry its just for laughs and others personal use

  39. People didn't find anything fishy about the ATM being in the middle of an aisle?

    I don't think I've ever see an ATM that wasn't against a wall or at the most a foot from it.(if not mounted/built directly in the wall.

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