It’s time we put a stop to the bigotry and hate coming from the coffee machine.

Ian Hecox
Noah Grossman
Keith Leak Jr.
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp

Directed by Ryan Todd
Written by: Ryan Finnerty, Monica Vasandani, Cole Hersch
Created by Joe Bereta & Ryan Todd
Produced by Ryan Todd
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Smosh Creative Director: Joe Bereta
Director of Photography: John Hale
Editor: Nick Agich
Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
Line Producer: Michelle Holman
Associate Producer: Garrett Palm
Production Manager: Andy Garwig
First Assistant Director: Kristina Nikolic
Production Designer: Taylor Frost
Art Assist: Keri Palmetto
Camera: Brennan Iketani
Assistant Camera: Nick Goto
Gaffer: Nick Giomuso
Key Grip: Justin Thatcher
Sound: Greg Jones
Hair & Makeup: Rachel Jenkins
Wardrobe: Lindsay Hamilton
DIT/Media Management: Taylor Cutler
Script Supervisor: Talia Brahms
Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
Behind-the-Scenes: Phil Mohr, Richard Keith
Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
Colorist: Mike Burton
Production Assistant: Jordan Rockower

42 Responses to “Our Coffee Machine is Racist.”

  1. Man I need a coffee now

  2. Well, being blamed for all the ills in the world and being systematically slandered in all forms of media is somewhat of an issue for the caucasian man.

  3. Anger issues much

  4. If u pin this I will give u guys a shoutout

  5. i was wondering why is wasn't very funny until i realized in wasn't from CH

  6. Smosh Olivia fuck you new people

  7. And who are the 9000 assholes who didn't like this jesus het a sense of humor

  8. Who wrote this? You are incredibly hilariously ridiculous

  9. Wow I remember like 3 to 5 years ago in where I've always watched Smosh, then I just really lost interest of the content they made eventually just stopped watching them as a whole, then recently I heard about Anthony leaving and questioning why, and now wtf is this, what happened to the smosh with only Anthony and Ian, wow how things could change.

  10. This is fucking stupid

  11. Why is racism against white people called reverse racism?

  12. Get out of my fucking recommended

  13. This is just a bad wannabe sitcom

  14. Smosh if you see this, I think a huge part of us loved this video, and we would very much like to see more of this! Congrats, i smiled my ass off πŸ˜€

  15. If smosh is going downhill… than why the f*ck are you watching it then

  16. Loved it. Shayne smashed that speech about coffee. Yasssss

  17. Riding on that black white racism jokes that anyone who knowns comedy wouldn't laugh at.

  18. 13 to 44 πŸ™ on trending

  19. The camera is abit shaky.

  20. I am white person. and I think black people better in every thing , better than the white people.

  21. how do we know we don't like the video if we don't watch it…

  22. I love Shayne β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  23. I hate you new smosh Guys!like who aggre that ian and smosh were the best but the new guys suck

  24. People still watch Smosh huh

  25. Only reason this is on the trending tab is because it has the word 'racist' in the title, and that's all the damn world cares about now. Not like there are actual problems that need addressing.

  26. Watching and listening the coffee flow from the machine is so soothing !!

  27. Finaly the main person is shayne


  29. If Caffeine is a drug then why did my dad let me try coffee when I was a toddler….

  30. Racial plot twist!

  31. This channel fucking sucks.

  32. Wtf i just witnessed

  33. So many people complaining

  34. I'm deleting my channel because no one cares about my AMAZING content NOT COMMENT BAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

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