Hope you will Enjoy these new wake up pranks ever.Please like and share these funny and scary wake up pranks which will make you laugh and some scared.
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17 Responses to “New Funny Scary Wake Up Pranks Ever 2017”

  1. Nice Video.Keep it up.

  2. stupid,stupid , they could kill someone with a weak heart

  3. when you find out your friends our total pricks

  4. The first is ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!!

  5. The fucking poltergeist music in the first one lmao

  6. pshh…I wake up like that all the time without someone helping me. thanks hypnopompic hallucinations

  7. 0:32 He sounded like Pee-Wee Herman XD

  8. I was laughing so hard

  9. at a field party one time and witnessed a guy put on a clown mask and sneak out to a car were a couple of our friends were getting it on in the backseat ,the chick was scared so badly that she took off running bare ass naked towards the bonfire yelling for help while her boyfriend proceeded to kick the s*** out of our buddy with the mask on.

  10. the only thing scary about this was the loading circle

  11. When you do something in order to share it with others, first: think "QUALITY"…. Please! ( a stable camera for example….).
    Thank you.

  12. fucking love these vids bro!!

  13. the first one was spot on… very well done.

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