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Mr. Gold’s Pranking 101 – Part 1

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– Pranx CRU

42 Responses to “Mr. Gold’s Pranking 101 – Part 1: The Set Up – Pranx CRU”

  1. Pranx cu one ☝️ day guys you will become the biggest pranked of alll history

  2. I just love your videos

  3. Your soo body mr gold

  4. ill be your friend gold

  5. mister gold has a beard that's either grey or brown

  6. errrr you want to prank the world ?!

  7. You are the best youtuber ever

  8. If safety is first why did you put it fourth???????

  9. you know who the awesomeness person

    look at the first word

  10. Mr.Gold Do some pranks.Your the boss!

  11. Tucker can you give me a special shoutout if it's not trouble it's up to you

  12. I left a highly-critical but potentially supportive comment in a other video of you guys. I'll shorten it by saying this:

    Stop pandering. Children are an unfaithful demographic, especially the retards you're going for.

  13. can you do a colab with ICP?

  14. I am just lonly at shcool

  15. I have no friends mr golden your just like me

  16. Yo it's Mr gold the ohters are prankster and gangsters but Mr gold if better then a prankster and a gangster

  17. This is so good! Hope your ad pays off!
    "Remember your old grandma?" "You don't want to kill her."

  18. Please prank cru can you checkout my prank bro please

  19. I know guys you are the biggest and baddest and coolest and creative pranker ever and can you my prank please

  20. This was suprisingly good. You actually teach people to think a lot about it, tell them to be safe, pick only prank victims who can actually take it, don't harm anybody, all of that stuff is actually very good and logical and a thing that all of those big prank channels who make fake dangerous pranks where people might think it's real and actually do something very dangerous. Props to you pranx CRU, now I just wish you weren't too lazy to type the word "to"

  21. Hey mister gold can I join the gang

  22. Prank CRU

    Are your masks homemade
    Or are they From a store???

  23. Ok I'm going to take a bleach shower now

  24. I would love if you guys can come check out my channel it would be so cool

  25. This made me laugh so hard it's so amazing

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