Mexican lady RUINS her hotel room! Check out Sunday’s insanely epic video –
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I called this lady pretending to be working at the hotel she was staying at. She was NOT happy when I accused her of making a ton of noise and trashing her hotel room.

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35 Responses to “Mexican Lady RUINS Hotel Room”

  1. Whatup squad! Hope you guys dig the second upload this week, I had a lot of fun calling this lady lol. The Sunday video was INSANEEEEELY funny, if you missed it catch up here – Disrespectin My Mama Prank

  2. this dude sounds like vlad

  3. She seems chicano

  4. Stupid Mexican bitch quick to jump to the racism shit

  5. Just because she's Mexican they're racist? BS

  6. white ppl r the most annoying on the internet ..2nd comes the  blacks

  7. Well, not all Mexicans are this stupid. As for instance I am Mexican and we never pull out the racism card. xd

  8. white ppl r the most annoying on the internet ..2nd comes the  blacks

  9. Plays the Mexican race card but doesn't speak Spanish….

  10. "Block the number. Block that fucking number." LOL

  11. Ownage, the guy I pranked on my channel his name is john and he has a foot fetish. You could call him it's so funny. like so he could see

  12. Did she really play the race card….

  13. ааааааааааааааааа лоло пад столом Абдуу супервайзин супервайзер !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. DoooOOOooont talk to Rakesh like that mother yuck . Stop it .

  15. This guy Mark Fruth owes me $200 and he has not paid me any money at all and he bought cocaine with the money I gave him I think… Here is his number so have fun fucking with him gang…. 608-515-9195 he has a girlfriend and her name is Beth… Thanks guys for messing with him for me….

  16. Uhhh mexican isnt a race sorry

  17. Um why is she bringing up race? No one said she was Mexican she doesn't sound like she has an accent and as far as she knew she dealt with an Indian and a middle eastern worker so again what's with the race card nonsense.

  18. When did he mention the $300 ? From where did she get this number @_@

  19. All Mexicans are like this

  20. she's probably on meth you know them

  21. How can she even use the fuckin im mexican excuse…wtf?! :/

  22. Mexican people

    Are the best

  23. Nice Job Using Optus Hold music Ownage

  24. Fotis <3' Zelda, and we both love Ownage pranks <3

  25. we're all humans first, nationality is secondary. sigh……

  26. Can't stand people who play the victim and pull the race card. What a cunt.

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