Not even the strength of a million parenting blogs could keep THESE crazy kids out of trouble!

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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46 Responses to “Mean Kids Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags”

  1. Sub me and I sub you (hate comments will be ignore it)

  2. γ…Žγ…Žγ…Žγ…Žγ…Žγ…Ž

  3. hi

  4. That's why everyone is so effing nice… it's Canadian

  5. do not waste food… more than thousands of children are dies in a year due to hunger

  6. ιƒ½ηœ‹θΏ‡γ€‚

  7. these kids are savage

  8. Just thinking in rich kid schools they probably throw caviar at each other during food fights

  9. superb Sir 971568633817

  10. All These Gags Are Fake…All Choreographed "PAID PUBLIC"

  11. All These Gags Are Fake…All choreographed

  12. I like the song when is almost to finish the video

  13. hahaha lol this video hahaha veryfunny

  14. people don't have what to eat and they are throwing cake around

  15. the little girl looked like Mackenzie Ziegler

  16. If i was asked to deliver the cake and a food fight started I would smash the cake in the face of the child wHo StArTeD iT.

  17. that Steve jobs tho

  18. the last video some one like morinho, a coach soccer

  19. simply adorable lol

  20. 1: 56 isn't that Topanga from girl meets world?

  21. 5:09 the Balck people didn't shout at the kids

  22. back when the pranks didn't go wrong in the hood.

  23. awesome gags …love it

  24. 05:09 It's to dangerous to repeat such a prank in Russia, too dangerous for kids… A high probability that they will hit first.

  25. its fake because i seen 1st women in many pranks

  26. i wanna be the victim of the first gag

  27. +/- 9.10 what's the name of the background music?

  28. The graffiti one didn't look real at all

  29. 3:20 the girl like hurry before they come lmfao

  30. 2:23 the woman was like: "go go go go!"

  31. That's how white people drivebye

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