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An old woman drops a magnetic cookie box on a metallic sheet, so it’s no wonder that people aren’t able to pick it up!

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20 Responses to “Magnetic Box Hidden Camera Prank”

  1. atleast its not clickbait

  2. I came for the ass

  3. Lol kicks the box.

  4. I came for the ass

  5. The last guy was a cunt.

  6. the last one tho….what an ass

  7. Neodymmagnete machen es möglich. Sehr schön. Mehr davon…

  8. Wtf why did the idiot at the end throw it away?!

  9. There are some depressed ass people that hate other people for hav8ng fun

  10. That guy at the end was a little prick! If you saw who dropped it by accident why would you throw it away?

  11. He just thought it was garbage as the woman clearly didnt drop it by accident

  12. I would have been like holy shit and maybe kept it lol even if not magnet I would use that to prank

  13. Belgian chocolate… Côte d'Or 😛

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