The kind of prank you have to watch twice to understand what happened…
As a little girl is standing behind her candy bar, another girl walks by, fully dressed in black, and asking for free candies. The girl behind the counter firmly refuses to hand a single treat.
The other girl’s reaction grows out of proportion, and the scariest thing happens… | Subscribe:

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19 Responses to “MAGIC TRICK PRANK // Candies Turn Into Worms!”

  1. the girl that have braces is like Lisa and lena

  2. the final part is a touch of class! nice done!

  3. Me encantó está broma
    PD:me dio risa la reacción de la gente

  4. I love these magical revenge pranks. More pls. Occultism is good for the jungens lol

  5. Hahahaha! Love it. You must have scared the heck out of those ladies. 😛

  6. pranksters:
    Delia Lalande
    Marjorie Lajoie
    Angela Magri
    François Yves Giguére

  7. watching in 2048 woww 2017 pranks are so sweet

  8. watching in 2048 woww 2017 pranks are so sweet

  9. hahahahaa. nice.. cool


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