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Dilon ka scooter
Dinchak pooja
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Our first video is Gandasa prank and we will bring for next video is Gandasa 2 as soon as possible. Gandassa .
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23 Responses to “Latest funny video | Dead body Prank | Funny indian video | Pyscho prank | Not like Dinchak pooja”

  1. hahahahahahahaahahaha

  2. Do this part 2 with fake cops n blame the helper

  3. bhuat badhi bakchodi bhai …hahahaha

  4. very funny yaar

  5. super new concept

  6. make more and more

  7. Gagan bro att gal baat puri hahahahahah

  8. bhai wo jo last me riksha wala bhaga na kasam bhai maja aagaya

  9. haha i enjoyed it….

  10. u guys r amazing…
    loved it…

  11. Mazaa aa gaya is prank se yaar

  12. really nice one ,most funny prank ever seen …

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