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39 Responses to “Kissing Pranks Vlog – IN THE POOL With Nicole”

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  2. People hate him but he seems nice to his girl

  3. Grilled cheese is easy to make so u could make dat

  4. Ramen noodles this is how you make ramen noodles put it in for 3 minutes in the microwave

  5. Omg i like this can i try

  6. Qusadea i know i spelled it wrong

  7. ان احبك جدن إ

  8. Omg can i try with you its so emaizing

  9. He always says aquick kiss and kisses for a hour

  10. noodles hotdogs that what i learned first

  11. Wait does she know he kissed other girls

  12. You just goto be a beaver believe and your dreams come true/ just try to cook

  13. Hell yeah bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Cook some easy french toast

  15. I want more videos like this in the pool but with different people

  16. All you do is melt cheese then put in in bread then you have grilled cheese

  17. How Did I Get Here From Spongebob?

  18. que culero eres al engañar a tu novia

  19. I can cook and I am 8

  20. you like that he kiss girl not just you

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