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34 Responses to “Jesus Pranks Wheelchair Man”

  1. This isnt funny you shouldnt joke like this

  2. You guys are so stupid idk why so many people like this.

  3. you guy 5hink there is juses there is only God

  4. Please don't play Jesus Christ

  5. Hahahahaha
    Christians have no respect even for there own religion
    They are making fun of there own god jesus
    what a shame

  6. bad prank ever I seen.. don't play with God

  7. Thats disrespecting Jesus

  8. This to bad of you who ever posted this

  9. ja-ja-ja fhuk you fhuk

  10. if you dare again to make fun of Jesus Christ I will fuc you

  11. You piece of s*** I can't believe you posted that on YouTube

  12. Miracle are real too .. believe in the Lord jesus

  13. Come on, it's not funny..

  14. Please cristiani unsub this channel this channel suck

  15. bin ich der einzigste der sich frägt wie er übers wasser geht?

  16. i like the jesus pranks! and… i believe in jesus christ

  17. Wtf……….fucking white prople

  18. mais falso que nota de 3 reais

  19. povo otário tirando sarro de JESUS n desejo nd a vcs so tenho pena.

  20. how dus hesus wak on wata but gay dont ?

  21. Jesus wos a Moslem

  22. I'm muslim I find this video ..

  23. Funniest Pranke ever

  24. because of love, Jesus forgive you.

    but don't do it to moeslem's religion. they love their prophet than their life.

  25. hahaha idiot yesus

  26. You're so rude rude so so rude

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