I called up Walmart to confess that I’ve been stealing money out of the cash registers.
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44 Responses to “I’m Stealing from Work Prank – Ownage Pranks”

  1. When he said "okay" for long time…. lmaof


  3. We don't take the pinky that seriously …. LMAO

  4. That bitch thought she was so clever lol

  5. More Juanito videos!

  6. this woman on the phone is a legend

  7. I get on the horse high all the time…

  8. hjahahahahahahaahahahaha oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dude, the lady was so nice and only doing that would piss her off haha you are evil

  9. Call me as my mum and tell me you love me

  10. Oh we take the pinky very serious in America

  11. 2:34 "This guy moaned at least this loud"

  12. You should do more of Juan (the Mexican) accent. It's very funny

  13. Totally roasted the last guy.

  14. I think your Mexican accent has a bit too much Indian in it,

  15. So if you steal girls suddenly want to talk to you?

  16. ownage is very funny. bt the latino voice is annoyin.

  17. I bet they were all scrambling to check their records.

  18. Just talk my a$$… That's bullshit lmao hilarious one ownage..

  19. That first manager woman thing is either genuinely mega nice, or a serious psycho who wants him to come in so she can chop him into pieces to feed her dogs (or cops).

  20. The Mexican voice has to be one of Russel''s strongest ones! Haha!

  21. lmao the frog sitting down

  22. that "ooooooo" shit isn't even fucken funny. just annoying as fuck. your pranks used to be funny but now they're just fucken lame

  23. OoooooooooooooooooooK

  24. insanely hilarious

  25. Whats wrong with being a manager at walmart?

  26. You just completely undermined 9/11 and all the people who died, wow

  27. Holy shit hook me up with my crush jus prank call her and be like i said i wanna fuck… u a pro bro i gotchu with an extrA subscriber now… but if u wanna do that shit hmu 1 on 1….. ( s.c. @amanat9748)

  28. I love the mexican voice, more of it please im begging you!!!!!

  29. how do you do the CC Captions?

  30. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooook

  31. Those 398 people who disliked are managers at walmart

  32. I would like to see more.


    I was dead couldn't stop laughing

  34. Daymn she talks fast

  35. Owange do us a favor, do a impression of Roy Dam Mercer please. R.I.P

  36. God do you remember when he did a British accent character, those were the days #bringbackbritain

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