This guy had his stolen car returned to him by the police after it was missing for several months, but it looked like someone had been living inside of it the entire time. Watch more Juan pranks here:

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33 Responses to “Homeless Mexican Living In Your Car – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Whatup notification squad! Juan is back with some more insanity, drop a Like on the video if you've been enjoying the recent content! I'll be reading your comments all day, request a prank here:

  2. Hello sir I love your videos and I wanna give you an idea of myself hope you like it I want you to call people As Chris and say that you are Abdo
    Then call as Tyrone and say that your name is Buk Lau,
    Or call as Buk lau and say that you name is Juan Martinez,
    Or call as Juan Martinez and say that Chris and make other name swaps sir and let's see that how confused people will get or it's a challenge for you too sir hope it works.

  3. The accent is so off at this point it's indistinguishable from your other characters.

  4. This guy had the worst reaction. Made the prank really dull and one sided. What is wrong with people.

  5. when you going to do the African accent videos???

  6. Who's watching this on YouTube gaming?

  7. Please stop doing this intro…

  8. The Mexican guy is really so down rated

  9. Jehovahs witnesses dont use any kind of idols or symbols. So your gonna have to fix your information

  10. Wait did you give away his full name? Lmfao, Jose Martinez

  11. AAhhh SHIT! This is funny!!

  12. That was hilarious!

  13. "You stole my only pair of pantalones"

  14. Have a nice week everyone! 'v'

  15. YouTube's algorithms for creators constantly change. Now it's basically PG and creator's videos won't be monetized if they use too much foul language and/or record too much negative content. It's basically turning into a website for kids and the days of making loads of money on YouTube are over. I think a small percentage of people still earn decent money but most aren't anymore.

  16. That awkward moment when people are still suggesting calling the KKK

  17. You should have said something like, as a Jehovah Witness, why are you so against people showing up unannounced to your door?

  18. Gosh the guy being pranked is such a boring, slow person…

  19. My favorite youtuber….OP!

  20. Call a call as a call and pretend to call a call!

  21. Did he supposed to be playing as a homeless Mexican, then how is he calling?!?!?

  22. What's up with kisses in almost every Ownage prank?

  23. Oh shit, today marks 10 years since Ownage joined YouTube.

  24. Guys 1:27 I need that meme plz plz plz help my ass

  25. I went to a Christian cleric and told him I wanted to see jesus he told me Bring 1 coconut and some weed
    THEN put the weed in the coconut and light that shit up

  26. Giving away ps4 games on my page sub now to learn more!!!!

  27. Amazing video guys, I suggest you prank another you tube channel.

  28. Stop asking him to call the KKK as Tyrone!!!! Do you guys think that there is such thing as a 24h KKK service Hotline?!

  29. Lol if he was a Jehovah's witness hey wouldn't have religious symbols on his car they don't believe in idols

  30. We need some hillbilly pranks again!

  31. the dude is so chill

  32. Being a jehovah's witness is being retarded just another shitty religion.

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