Billy has been stealing from work, and all he wants is someone to pray for him! If you liked Billy’s interaction with Walmart, watch when Buk Lau got on the phone with a stubborn Walmart employee:
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45 Responses to “Hillbilly Steals from Walmart Prank”

  1. Welcome back #OPCREW! Hope you guys dig the bonus video, I really had high hopes about that first lady praying with me lol. This prank reminds of this other HILARIOUS call to Walmart that I did, check it out here!

  2. Your vids are get in shit

  3. The 342 people that dislike this vid..are actually Walmart employees

  4. once you mastered the nigerin accent wich I alreaddy love you should try a dutch accent . feel free to watch my videos i have a very very bad dutch accent hahaha

  5. Where is that clip from 0:37 from? Can anyone tell me?

  6. Hahahahahah awsome work budddy

  7. I think we need a revolution on this channel, we need a whole re set with new characters. Im getting bored


  9. What a bitch that second lady was.

  10. I don't know why but… I feel like this is the same woman I prank called years ago about a voltorb.

  11. Prank call my brother 626 478 4528 its gonna be funny

  12. yo call the second chick back again lol

  13. How about an aussie voice…

  14. Stop with the kkk comments. It's not going to happen

  15. please make a russian character! like so own age can see!

  16. An Italian voice would be great. Maybe for a special video you could do tony Montana.

  17. African voice please

  18. When you say HELLOW? when they hang is up golden!!

  19. 1:22 That woman sounds like Stephanie McMahon

  20. Its time to do another Omegle video or what ever it its called

  21. I heard this on the live stream

  22. this channel is dead…

  23. Can I take BILLY out for lunch or dinner in the Kansas City area some time.

  24. You should make An Aussie character

  25. Tyrone is funny, you should bring it back


  27. You should prank my boss at a Pest Control company in Dallas Tx

  28. Seriously man what the fuck are you putting out. This shit is not funny … borderline cringy.

  29. "Nobody wants to go out on a date with Billy…" Laughing while holding back tears….

  30. Can you do a russian accent?! that would be cool!

  31. Ebola is not a joke!

  32. We always gonna support you bro, you're fucking awesome, don't you ever forget it 🙂

  33. we need more of hillbilly pranks please. i love that character

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