Brian did a little recon mission to surprise Eric for his Birthday!

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19 Responses to “HIDDEN CAMERA PRANK”

  1. Eric you have a great mate there, top job B Mac.

  2. Good planning bmack! Man that's a nice bull that sucks that Eric can't put it in his house. #firebull#bmack#ericchesser

  3. Wow, really unique photography. Love it.

  4. They are beautiful pics happy birthday my friend

  5. Brian you're a great friend for doing this! Eric he's a true friend!

  6. WOW!! That's beautiful!

  7. Nice! those are amazing! Livin the #hushlife!

  8. Happy birthday Eric. 😀

  9. Where was the prank?

  10. You guys should sell prints of the fire bull.

  11. Happy birthday Eric

  12. where in Florida?

  13. happy birthday! Awesome prints

  14. You guys don't know what a prank is……

  15. "…and I have only been asked about it about 673 times." Great disposition. I felt for you on that hunt. Great gift! Happy Birthday BMac and Eric.

  16. happy birthday eric

  17. what did fire bull score? just curious, thanks

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