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40 Responses to “Hidden Camera : Funny fishing prank [MadBoys]”

  1. why carry a girls with no brought

  2. that the music sounds in this video?

  3. Rude and fake stop pranking on girls if it's really rude what your doing

  4. what a couple of goons lol

  5. they wouldn't have been able to catch anything unless they was in on it well fake im gonna have to do some real good pranks looks like youtube is full of fake shit

  6. go fuck yourself.

  7. fake fake fake

  8. Saying my keying lol bt ya

  9. How u know it face mmmm dooshes stop coping others and keying them think wi it's fake

  10. i know its fake but that was a bit mean to the girl on the beach.
    and would people stop swearing plz

  11. i wish fishing worked like that

  12. How i wish it's real, I will be fishing all dayyyyyyy…

  13. Unsubed..most of this shit is fake.

  14. learn english arabish piece of fuck
    translated in your fucking gay langua
    العرب هم المغول القذرة

  15. Well it may be made in china but its atleast not made by shit like urs (If u replay to this u become a gay)

  16. ur ass is fake and made in china

  17. ههههههههههههههههه يا اخي عرب مالنا حل

  18. ils sont français, je les ai deja vues!!!!!

  19. ur face is fake


  21. ما نكح؟

  22. Fake and even worse, its not even close to funny
    Thumbs down

  23. it says "funny PRANK" not reality

  24. مقالبهم مضروووبه ابو كلب

  25. 0:55 man with bra? :PP

  26. bombing wont solve the problem

  27. hahaha!
    you guys are still awesome

  28. Stupid video!

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