Steven Crowder goes undercover to “steal” work from illegal immigrants by underbidding them for their jobs. Hilarity ensues as we quickly learn these Mexicans don’t have a great affinity for white people or competition!

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37 Responses to “HIDDEN CAM: ‘Stealing’ Illegal Immigrant’s Jobs!”

  1. One of the hardest videos we've ever had to pull off without being stabbed. NGJ and I were genuinely surprised at the wages and level of racism though. Just naivety?

  2. A lot of South African youths go work in the USA for a year, after school. They go there because the wages are so good. But our youths all come with a valid drivers license, responsibility, good morals, and perfect English language skills.

  3. You are making light of a sensitive issue. I see the humor but as a fellow American we cannot begin to understand what Mexico is like to live and work. I personally have no experience to relate to illegal immigrants. I'm Anglo Saxon American, that's right, pale skin and blue eyes. I'm also unemployed, on disability and living hand to mouth. I realize my existence has no comparison to life in Mexico and therefore have no place leaving my opinion. But I'm exercising my first amendment right to speak freely without fear of retribution

  4. Please show this to Cuck Schumer.

  5. This video is bull shit! Is the Employer paying Taxes? Workers Compensation? Health Insurance? ETC!! THIS VIDEO CONTAINS LIES!

  6. To be fair those guys probably have a price floor when it comes to working. Since it seems as if there's plenty of job openings there they can just find another if they're being out competed. Whereas you are simply doing it to prove a point, so you can drive your price as low as you wish.

  7. Biggest issue with this video is why the fuck do you have a Honda truck……

  8. There is a guy in Afghanistan right now, or even in Iraq, that just wants to work and take care of his family. He Probably has at least one teenage son, who he worries about incessantly, because that kid is acting like a jerk. Maybe his wife, every once and a while, busts his chops. And at the end of the day, he thinks, I wish all this religious bullshit would go away so I can live my life without worrying if my kids or my wife will die because of this bullshit.

    Muslims come to this country for one reason, I'm talking about the vast majority of Muslims. It is the reason that every other immigrant class has come to this country. The reason is, that they want their children to have a better life than they had. They work like pigs and they are happy to do so. They are thankful for the opportunities that the United States has given them. They are proud to be Americans.

    Yet politicians (mostly Republicans), use the theme of terrorism, to scare the shit out of their supporters, so they can obtain more votes.

    The vast majority of muslims in this country, are good people that just wish to work hard and to provide for their children, so they can have a better future. There is a tiny, small, segment, that have brought over radical ideas and wish to harm Americans. This paradigm. is one that all immigrant classes have had.

    The Irish had there gangs going back to early in our history of the United States. The Chinese had triads. The Italians had the Mafia (At one point so powerful that they controlled commerce and business and law in Chicago, Las Vegas, and New York City. These groups all murdered and extorted and terrorized in there respective territories. Yet the US Government didn't put bans on the overwhelming majority that just wanted to come to this country, make a better life for their children, and make sure this children were safe.

    It makes me ashamed, that Italians, or people in this country with an Italian last name, would denigrate Muslims because they want the same thing that they got. It's ridiculous and symptomatic of people who don't even know their own heritage. Quite frequently, these people will say "well, when my antecedents came over, they followed the law". If they would just look up what the "law" was at that time, they would find that on Ellis Island,the law was that if you didn't have a communicative disease, you were welcomed right in.

    Then the argument turns towards, we don't have enough jobs for these people. Bullshit. Immigrants in this country have always taken the jobs that Americans do not want to do. Car wash attendants, peeling one thousand potatoes a day in a kitchen, picking fruit in 90 degree weather for below minimum wage.

    The excuses that are proffered are ridiculous. People have been scared out of there wits by the Republican party, into thinking that there is a terrorist around every corner.

    It is all ridiculous.

  9. Fucking loved this video the truth comes out finally

  10. These "starving" Mexicans don't look like they've missed a meal in a long time and they certainly aren't living in the "shadows."

  11. Damn, if I ever needed to disperse a crowd of Mexican people quickly, I should ask them for their papers.

  12. This channel speaks the God's honest truth, and this video should hit home to every true American alive!!!! Please continue this great work of actual news worthy power house of a show that you provide!!!!!!

  13. Doing the LORDS WORK Steven Crowder = God I love it, Always had a hunch that the MSM was bullshit

  14. I don't know any illegal workers that will do anything for $10 per day.

  15. To all recent high school graduates looking for a great career ICE / HOMELAND SECURITY needs quality applicants apply NOW.

  16. i have to work fucking 8 hours all week +8 hours saturday and sunday to bring home 900 a week at 18.60 an hour….and i'm fucking privileged?

  17. I have horses. I haven't been able to find an illegal to work less than 8 hrs or for less than 100 for over 6 yrs.

  18. Better haul ass mother fuckers

  19. Oh, hell yeah. You guys are the new KINGS. Undercut them all the way!!

  20. Thank you President Trump for deporting these fools! By the way whose the idiot at the beginning who said we should pay them a descent wage? I don't make a descent wage and that's why! It's time for that wall to go up!

  21. funny that you say they can live like kings because they are

  22. we have the same problem here too, our government manage to control by going bananas on the contractor who hiring illegal. if any of contractor caught hiring illegal they will be fined nearly millions of dollar and 5 year jailed

  23. The moral of the story is we all would be Mayan kings if we didn't pay taxes

  24. I'm Mexican blooded, but I'm American first,

    that THEIR is a hardworking Mexican who is a citizen that can get any medical or food stamps or can't even afford Obama care so he's left without medical insurance, but these immigrants get healthcare, education and food, plus pay no taxes and I find that appalling,
    that a citizen can have less than a person who has no right to be heard , because they are here illegally,

  25. They need to be deported back to Mexico…seriously.

  26. They must be pulling that 10 dollars a day crap out of their collective asses. NO body not even an illegal will work for 10 dollars a day. So you lying scumbags need to fuck off because we don't believe a fucking word you say.

  27. I.C.E. contact info to report illegal immigrants: (866) 347-2423 (U.S. and Canada)
    Contact I.C.E. online: www[DOT]ice[DOT]gov/webform/hsi-tip-form

  28. make 1002 a month on disability. Glad I paid in for decades into taxes to pay for people who hate this country :

  29. Why not just shoot these people at the border? All Races/ethnic groups have that right.

  30. They ALL have to go back.

  31. Mexicans don't belong anywhere but Mexico.

  32. I dig Crowder because he GETS IT.

    He's been a big influence on me & my edgy & comedic 100% FREE podcast, Morons Radiogram. I invite you all to visit, type Morons Radiogram in the search bar & click on episodes. You'll find several 10 minute long recorded episodes where I expose & goof on the left's incompetence, hypocrisy & corruption.

    If you like what you hear, please revisit my spreaker page frequently, as I add new episodes all the time. Thanks!

  33. I'll take 25 bucks an hour too. he just debunked that bullshit we don't need illegals.

  34. The math done in this video is correct. I know first-hand that almost all Indian restaurants in NJ have illegal Latinos working for between $10.00 for dishwasher to a cook who cooks Indian curries and Naans for about 48k per year tax free. I know this because I have done taxes for few of such businesses!!!

  35. $10.00 a day ????? Schumer is such a drama queen ..a complete lying asshole ..self-loathing dishonest bastard.

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