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Abdo calls a Walmart about being inappropriately groped in the fitting room, the conversation with the manager ends up being hysterical. If you want me to start calling more stores like this again lemme know by sharing the video with your buddies and giving it a big thumbs up! 🙂

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5 Responses to “Groped at Walmart Prank – Ownage Pranks”

  1. MrJojo2go says:

    Call the 7/11 stores

  2. Seems like Wal-Mart paid a bunch of youtubers to do pranks at Walmart,
    almost every second video in my subscriptions has the word walmart in the
    title, woo subliminal advertising.

  3. John Wayne says:

    This co-manager guy is your typical mangina trying to defend his fair
    maiden’s honor… except she clearly doesn’t give a shit about him. Betas
    like him have no sack.

  4. Alex “Alex 11” Moreno says:

    we want Juan Martinez

  5. Tormentality says:

    hold on, POUND 69 is from like a decade ago. Walmart doesn’t have call

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