Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mom isn’t always roses and chocolates as these videos show. The life of a mom can be a little dangerous! Enjoy these fails, flops, and funniest motherhood moments and parenting milestones that will make you appreciate being a mom yourself even more!

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25 Responses to “Greatest Mommy Pranks and Mommy Fails | AFV”

  1. Who else was a toddler or even not yet born in these days??

  2. 0:58…that was on purpose.

  3. 1:03 Nope but that yes

  4. I like the part when they pranked the mom

  5. que queria hacer la mama del minuto 0:09?????

  6. mothers are the greatest gift of Allah..

  7. 1:35 that show the year of my birthday when I was born

  8. that Mom just threw a baby down leave a light for every thing that happened

  9. Hahahahahahhahahaha I would do that

  10. เัสสสววงบ

  11. 1:00 Fuck this shit i'm out

  12. that little girl was a savage

  13. 1:10 looks exactly like my friend

  14. 1:20 I love his accent lol

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