Funny videos 2017: Try not to laugh while watching this funniest video of people doing stupid things includes funny pranks and fails. This video is really hilarious and it’s hard version of try not to laugh challenge

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  1. The world is round you are a f*king girl

  2. most of this is fake and not remotely funny. the canned laughter is so fucking annoying too

  3. lol the earth is not flat

  4. wats wong with lasst 1

  5. My dog called pickles died could I get some likes as a sign of remembrance and support

  6. the girl at the end is kinda cout

  7. I hate that girl the last at the funny movie she tells us the earth is flat
    But world is not flat ok dont tell me this is wierd girl and i gate her hahahahhahaha

  8. deh girl deh dunce
    big idiot

  9. this is Chinese

  10. gravity is real ather wise the blake holl would probaly exist and im only 10 and your retarded and i dont cear if my spelling is incarect ok 🙁

  11. the earth is not flat

  12. the girl is stupid

  13. The last one is so wrong the earth is round

  14. The earth is not flat

  15. this is horrible..

  16. the world is not perfectly round and it is a rough round circle that girl is lying and there is a thing called gravity she doesn't know what she's talking about and there is not a ice wall around the earth

  17. girl: Round earth is illuminati! Me: The idea of flat earth is illuminati and being to stupid to pass grade 5!

  18. the last video was fucking funny she should go to space her self and see

  19. who love this video like this comment :}

  20. the world is not flat idiot OMG!

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