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Super Car Crashes and Accidents

35 Responses to “Funny Sleeping Wake up Scary Pranks Compilation 2017 , fails sleep people Try Not To Laugh Challenge”

  1. Nothing was funny!! Boring HORSE SHIT!!

  2. None of his is funny, Dumbass.

  3. I thought it's a prank that people woke up like they're possessed

  4. lose the ads you greedy fuck

  5. the 1st whip crem'd guy looks like messi

  6. i cant take all this screaming

  7. lol only 9 midrols

  8. ahahahah good

  9. Oh fuck that chick flew a floating air biscuit right on other girls face!!! Love it!!!

  10. who came for the boobs in the thumbnail

  11. The first one kind of sounds like Greek's laugh lol

  12. Welcome to world of pranks on Youtube … 1% is actually funny. The rest … just play this video and see.

  13. 4:25 is the best one

  14. hhhhhhhhhh so funny

  15. Omg 5:34 funniest late reaction with a sprinkle of exorcism! ! xD

  16. I'm sure it's probably funny. But I can't watch it for all the commercials it's worse than regular TV

  17. I came here for the knockers.

  18. pointless people can see all these in better quality on other channels

  19. anyone do this to me gets a black eye

  20. анаееае

  21. I dislike every video that doesn't have the vids pic played in the video

  22. a bigh stupid is distrubing sleeping people….

  23. 1:04 WTF hhhhhhhh that ass on fire bruh

  24. looks like messi 1:37

  25. Sometimes it can be deadly

  26. 4:48 was acting.. it was equal reaction time…

  27. Ppl are not funny they are trying to prank but they do stuff that can get ppl killed

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