Funniest Public Pranks of 2016 Compilation!
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20 Responses to “Funniest Public Pranks 2016”

  1. Where the boobs at?

  2. 1st one & last one was just blasting

  3. 20:58 anyone else think that was a baby in cart at first glance

  4. 15:49 just genuine good fun, i liked that one, emily was so kind hearted

  5. the first Seri prank the guy fort it was him

  6. 18:57 big fat stegosaurus women in the backround:' I will never have this experience…:(' xD

  7. 11:50 She could share some tiddis with her friend. But nooooo…..

  8. everyone running away from the boner kills me dude

  9. U kno the guy at 1:20 was mad cuz he's not as big cuz steroids

  10. Hello can you tell where the bathroom is

    You should say that

  11. the first one wasnt even funny just cringey

  12. Those dudes can carry me the fuck home

  13. Why are asians soo boring?

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