this is wanda sykes calling a towing company claiming that there is a turd in the back seat of her car!

29 Responses to “funniest prank call ever you will die of laughter!!!”

  1. LOL I love Wanda Sykes she's so funny!

  2. I cried of laughter

  3. Oh, oh, oh, I'm dying from this poorly scripted skit.
    Wanda Sykes is unfunny and racist.

  4. Worst call in the history of prank calls and fake as hell.

  5. I got a dam 2×4 in my back seat

  6. That's got to be Wanda Sykes!

  7. LOL I heard this on top buzz the full one it was hilarious!

  8. this is mocking the Jerky Boys. I love the Jerky Boys.

  9. Fuck that hood rat cunt.

  10. why you know yes it is Wanda Sykies

  11. she sounds like maxiane waters lolo

  12. Omg why would anyone do this. But it sure is realistic, that's all I can say.

  13. If Wanda Sykes is pranking you your in trouble

  14. why is this unfunny Thunder cunt still in the country, Trump won get the fuck out

  15. Wanda Sikes. one of the funniest humans on earth

  16. this is so funnyt,lmao

  17. That was Big Sid's Turd

  18. STEAM is coming. coming off of it ok?!?!

  19. Laughed so hard I can't inhale.

  20. That was actually funny! It's not click bait!

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