Best of head surprise is not what you think it is, that is, if what you think is what I think you think it is. Whatever the case, this is probably the best best of ever so do take the time to enjoy!

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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31 Responses to “Funniest Head Surprise – Best of Just For Laughs Gags”

  1. last sound efect is copy from Bangladeshi rono sangeet /songs

  2. insane,stupid,n not a good idea

  3. viva México y Canadá cabrones.

  4. imagine someone had an explosive diarrhea in the first prank lol that would be awesome

  5. what if someone really needs to defecate?

  6. from then they will never eat noodle in her life

  7. The one on the beach is dangerous!

  8. Cow was real!!!

  9. I[m never quite sure if these are fake

  10. The people always get trolled

  11. This show has made me afraid to travel to Quebec

  12. hahahahaha…funny nga talaga..hahaha 🙂 hahaha

  13. siete la mia salvezza per mettermi allegria nelle giornate che si lavora poco

  14. the guy in flush wz funny

  15. I felt so sorry for the second one cuz sand was going in its eye stop doing pranks that go ove the speed limit

  16. Why not just tip it over?

  17. I want them to sit and then head surprise

  18. What if they shat on him

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