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40 Responses to “*Funniest Fails* Try Not To Laugh Challenge Impossible | Funny Fails Vines”

  1. 8:15 R.I.P headphone users

  2. 4:40 When people ask how was school

  3. ooo my god 5.25 where does it snow so much?

  4. Before bleeding heart liberals existed, most of these Darwinian rejects would have been selected out.

  5. 4:13 Black Man: What is that?!
    Me: The White Boi in its un-natural habitat.

  6. Patrisha u dum fuck!

  7. 3:18 LAMO that kid is a $@v€gê✨✨✨

  8. I failed so badly I laughed it almost every single

  9. 0:50 why you shouldn't tease chickens kids

  10. Coach screams PATRICIA! And students are bloody shocked to the point they drop their flags, jump into their friends arms and even climb the fence in a desperate attempt to run away. HAHA

  11. ahhh fuck! XD I held a straight face through it, and the black kid(the last one) broke me X,D

  12. 6:56 is that taylor swift?

  13. Lol I cannot stop laughing!!!

  14. I want a flying bed now

  15. Dont f with a roster

  16. Me and my friend were laughing crazy at this espacially the horse one

  17. whats dat song at 7:37 ??


  19. Erotic xxx movies are you Doing this weekend

  20. I love patrichaaa

  21. Now these are funny

  22. 3.39 you see the bullet

  23. 0:52 never gets old

  24. 8:12 made me shit laughing.

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